As a research and innovation partner we help you turn your visions into the intelligent applications of tomorrow. We are experienced cloud architects, DevOps engineers and data scientists that can help ensure that your project runs smoothly and that the developed solutions are designed in a sustainable way.

Our background

Scaleout, a spinoff from the Distributed Computing Applications (DCA) Research Group at the Department of Information Technology at Uppsala University, was co-founded in 2017 by Andreas Hellander, Salman Toor and Ola Spjuth. In 2018 Daniel Zakrisson, Morgan Ekmefjord and Jens Frid joined the company as founding partners focusing on business and product development.

Scaleout have been part of national and international infrastructure projects in Sweden. Our experts can help you understand the requirements, the optimal use of available resources and build scalable, end-to-end cost-effective solutions.
Lean AI stack & Scaleout platform
Our solution covers all stages from data ingestion and transformation, feature extraction, model definition, training and evaluation, to deployment, inference and monitoring.
Advanced data science & engineering support
To help teams succeed with AI projects based on advanced machine learning, we provide a support concept that combines expert advisory with the possibility to get hands-on help from data scientists and data engineers.
Lean AI pilot project
The Lean AI pilot is a service designed specifically to help organisations succeed with their very first AI project using the Lean AI framework.
Lean AI workshop
This workshop aims to help you discover opportunities for using AI based on advanced machine learning.
Lean AI program
A team based training aimed at forming cross-functional agile teams with the knowledge of processes and tools needed to repeatedly take AI use cases from idea to production.
Daniel Zakrisson
CEO & Co-founder
Daniel is CEO and co-founder of Scaleout Systems. Background as entrepreneur of companies that use exponential technologies to change current paradigms. He co-founded Scandinavia's first personal DNA-testing company in 2008, was CTO at a multinational growing Medtech company for 7 years and co-founded an international blockchain startup in 2016.
Andreas Hellander
CSO & Co-founder
Andreas is lead scientist and co-founder of Scaleout Systems. He holds a PhD in scientific computing and is an expert on modeling, simulation, and development of scientific applications using cloud infrastructure. He is also Associate Professor at Uppsala University where he leads a research group in computational science and engineering.
Ola Spjuth
Lead scientist AI & Co-founder
Ola is the lead scientist machine learning & AI at Scaleout Systems and holds a PhD in bioinformatics. Ola is also Associate Professor at Uppsala University where he leads a research group that studies how predictive modeling, large-scale calculations and modern e-infrastructure can aid research and development.
Salman Toor
Lead scientist distributed infrastructures & Co-founder
Salman is lead scientist and co-founder of Scaleout Systems. He holds a PhD in scientific computing and is an expert on scientific data management, scalability and performance of distributed infrastructures, and solutions for data-intensive applications. Salman is also Assistant professor at Uppsala University where he conducts research on e-infrastructure.
Jens Frid
CMO & Co-founder
CMO and co-founder of Scaleout Systems. Marketing & communications background at a Fortune 200 company. International brand management at Viacom covering the EMEA and APAC regions. Involved in launching two successful internet startups in Web 1.0. Digital product management in Fintech. Background in blockchain consultancy and co-founder of Block Block, a blockchain co-working space in Stockholm.
Morgan Ekmefjord
CTO & Co-founder
VP of Engineering and co-founder of Scaleout Systems. Business and Product development experience from several Fortune 500 companies. Successfully built solutions ranging across a wide range of industries from Mission planning and Fighter simulators, Telecommunication planning and optimization software, Regulatory and Compliance tracking systems, Large Scale POS solutions for retail and food companies. Founded and built solutions for several startups like climendo.com or Immuni.
Max Andersson
Technical PM & Software engineer
Max has a background in both computer science and business studies. He specializes in distributed application development and business development. Previous work has been related to migrating legacy systems to become cloud native and build cloud infrastructure to handle large scale deployments in hybrid cloud environments.
Mathew Clegg
Software Engineer
Mathew holds a MSc in Computer Science from Uppsala University. He specializes in Cloud Computing and he holds a patent for a decentralized microservice network telemetry system. His previous work has been related to distributed systems, networking and software engineering. Apart from software, he also has training in technical sales, and presentation-techniques.
Oliver Stein
Cloud computing and data engineering
Oliver holds a MSc in computer science from Uppsala university, and has broad interest in cloud computing and infrastructure, IoT, embedded systems, machine learning and hardware acceleration. Recent projects include elasticity in peer-to-peer streaming, and machine learning infrastructure development using frameworks like KubeFlow and Kubernetes
Prashant Singh
Senior scientist applied machine learning
Prashant holds a PhD in computer science engineering from Ghent University, Belgium. He specializes in black-box optimization and applied machine learning, with experience from design optimization and modeling problems from electrical engineering, computational fluid dynamics and manufacturing engineering.
Aleksander Okonski
Cloud computing, systems security & privacy
Aleksander specializes in cloud computing and system security. He holds a MSc in Computer Science from Uppsala University. Past security work includes penetration testing, threat modeling, systems configuration, and analyzing security risks in Android applications. When not working with the Scaleout team, Aleksander also offers services on ethical hacking as an independent contractor.
Fredrik Wrede
Scientist applied machine learning
Fredrik holds a MSc in bioinformatics from Uppsala University. He has a broad interest in applied machine learning, and specializes on unsupervised and semi-supervised learning, with a particular interest in explorative analysis, dimension reduction and time series analysis.
AI and machine learning
Our philosophy for ML/AI encompasses both the exploratory stages of model development as well as the processes needed to bring trained models to production services. This is why we advocate solutions that are built ground up to support flexible experimentation, high-performance training, and to let continuous delivery meet analytics. We specialize on open source software stacks and we are proponents of the Kubeflow initiative.
Cloud native computing
We are passionate about creating cloud native and vendor agnostic applications based on leading open source software stacks on top of Kubernetes, OpenShift and OpenStack. With our background in scientific computing, we know the importance of designing ground up for high performance and scalability. Automation is key to sustainable solutions, and this is why infrastructure as code is one of our core focus areas.
Data science & engineering
It all starts with data, and no machine learning project will succeed without sound principles for scientific data management. In fact, good data engineering practices is key to a unlocking long term business value from machine learning. Our team is highly experienced in solutions for secure, fast and highly scalable data analysis. We are specialized on connecting data science with the DevOps culture, using automated and repeatable data pipelines built on open source software stacks.
Scientific computing & HPC
Our experience in scientific computing spans the range from data-driven modeling to simulation to optimization. The fact that we have extensive experience with both traditional HPC and cloud computing makes us an ideal partner when developing performance critical applications leveraging cloud infrastructure, and when developing hybrid infrastructure tailored to meet both the needs for flexibility and performance posed by cloud native scientific computing applications.
Safespring delivers cloud infrastructure based leading open source stacks and open standards. Their services are locally produced in Sweden and Norway and combine the flexibility needed for modern DevOps with the strong security and compliance needed to retain ownership of critical processes and data.
XLENT is a proud IT consulting company utilizing smart IT-solutions to create maximum business advantage for our customers. We offer first class solutions for mobile, e-commerce, customer management, and business-critical websites. We have the expertise and experience in everything from system development and project management to IT management and integration.
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