AI pilot
A service designed to help teams succeed with the most valuable and strategic AI initiatives of their organization.
The AI pilot project works well with Vinnova's "Start your AI-journey" for businesses or for public organizations.
Who is it for?
Both for organisations who are starting their AI journey as well as for organisations ready to take AI to the next level.
Getting started with AI
Organizations who might not have the budget to develop a company-wide AI business strategy, but would like to get started with AI.
Finding promising AI projects
Organizations looking to find promising AI initiatives most likely to deliver a strong return on investment.
Building AI capabilities
Organizations who need to use limited AI talent and budget and who would like to build AI capabilities in a valuable and productive way.
Scaling up AI capabilities
Organizations scaling up AI capabilities and are in need of moving to an open full stack data science platform, and a single application for the entire machine learning lifecycle.
How it works?
It starts with making sure there's a a well-defined problem to solve, that there are clear ways to measure the outcomes, and that it balances the highest possible impact against the lowest complexity where stakeholders can act on the results.
AI Canvas
In a use case discovery workshop we define the scope and project plan for the AI-pilot together with you. Our AI canvas is a good starting point for identifying the best candidates. Download the template here!
The four phases of an AI pilot project:
In an initial workshop where our senior business developers, product developers and scientists work with you, following a structured format, to identify the best opportunities for well defined AI pilot projects to build momentum in your organisation and your teams.
The main effort is around planning and establishing the AI Infrastructure required for the project. Map data repositories and build integrations towards data sources and ensure that data pipelines can handle preprocessing, transformation and combining data for feature extraction.
The main phase of the project include data exploration, preprocessing, unsupervised and supervised learning and visualizations by expert consultants with iterative interactions/discussions with product specialists from the organisation guiding the process.
The goal of this work package is to deploy the trained machine learning model using production data as well as making sure results, knowledge and ownership of results in the project is handed over to and internalised at the organisation.
What's included?
The objective is to have a fully deployed AI product based on a high value use case in your organisation in 1-3 month depending on scope. To deliver this we provide:
A Project Manager and AI Coach leading the work of the AI pilot team.
Full-stack machine learning engineer working closely with your AI pilot team during the project.
Turn-key full stack data science platform deployed and managed in a cloud of your choosing.
A direct line to Scaleout data science & engineering support team during the project.
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