Data Science as-a-service
The full stack data science & engineering partner
Scaleout help organisations put advanced machine learning and DevOps technologies into production. We provide a professional services and support concept that combines expert advisory and hands-on help from data scientists and engineers.
Expertise On Demand
Our specialist team of consultants, researchers, scientists, engineers and developers can provide a complete solution to deliver end-to-end AI success. Typical things that you can get help with:

  • AI development strategy, End-to-end machine learning
  • Infrastructure automation, configuration management, DevOps
  • Architecture of highly scalable workflows and pipelines for batch and streaming data
  • From data preparation to deployment: Advice on data preprocessing, feature engineering, dimension reduction, and more.
  • Continuous analytics
  • Microservices, Kubernetes
  • Cloud strategy, vendor and technology assessment
  • Auditing and improving AI solutions, selection of machine learning methods,
    code reviews, troubleshooting
Who is this service for?
  • Organizations who need to use limited AI talent and budget and who would like to build AI capabilities in a valuable and productive way
  • Organizations in need of developing workflows for continuous delivery and serving of models
  • Organizations scaling up AI capabilities and are in need of moving to an open full stack data science platform
Our Areas of Expertise
We are experienced cloud architects, DevOps engineers and data scientists that can help ensure that your project runs smoothly and that the developed solutions are designed in a sustainable way.

Scaleout has deep domain knowledge and expertise in Cloud Native Computing, AI and Machine Learning, Data Science & Engineering, and Scientific Computing & HPC.
AI and machine learning
Our philosophy for ML/AI encompasses both the exploratory stages of model development as well as the processes needed to bring trained models to production services. This is why we advocate solutions that are built ground up to support flexible experimentation, high-performance training, and to let continuous delivery meet analytics. We specialize on open source software stacks and we are proponents of the Kubeflow initiative.
Data science & engineering
It all starts with data, and no machine learning project will succeed without sound principles for scientific data management. In fact, good data engineering practices is key to a unlocking long term business value from machine learning. Our team is highly experienced in solutions for secure, fast and highly scalable data analysis. We are specialized on connecting data science with the DevOps culture, using automated and repeatable data pipelines built on open source software stacks.
Cloud native computing
We are passionate about creating cloud native and vendor agnostic applications based on leading open source software stacks on top of Kubernetes, OpenShift and OpenStack. With our background in scientific computing, we know the importance of designing ground up for high performance and scalability. Automation is key to sustainable solutions, and this is why infrastructure as code is one of our core focus areas.
Scientific computing & HPC
Our experience in scientific computing spans the range from data-driven modeling to simulation to optimization. The fact that we have extensive experience with both traditional HPC and cloud computing makes us an ideal partner when developing performance critical applications leveraging cloud infrastructure, and when developing hybrid infrastructure tailored to meet both the needs for flexibility and performance posed by cloud native scientific computing applications.
We offer our services on-demand, or by charging a fixed monthly fee to guarantee convenient access to our expert advisory service. When you need limited-scope hands-on help from our data scientists, data engineers and cloud architects, you can add developer time at a fixed, predictable cost.

The service is tailored to your organisation and specific needs. Examples of what the service includes:

  • Access to expert advisory via email or face-to-face meetings.
  • Hands-on help at a flat rate.
  • Dedicated contact person in our expert team.
  • Live chat with the engineering team (business hours

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Daniel Zakrisson
"We have delivered valuable research and consultation services in the pharmaceutical industry, a leading paper and packaging manufacturer, a world leader in software for radiation therapy, a provider of manufacturing software solutions, one of the largest ferry and shipping operators in the world, the Swedish national space agency, and others."
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