AI pilot project
The Scaleout AI Pilot is a service designed to help teams succeed with the most valuable and strategic AI initiatives for their organization.
Strategic Advantage
AI pilot is the fastest way to find AI opportunities with both near-term return on investment and long-term strategic advantage.

Near-Term advantage:
  • Financial ROI – The objective of the AI pilot project is that it aims to have a positive impact on the bottom line – discover the best uses cases to build here and now and drastically reduce the time to ROI.
  • Ease of Deployment – Companies who are selecting a first AI project need to find low-risk, high-yield opportunities that is accessible to them even without massive AI teams or huge AI budgets.
Long-Term advantage:
  • Builds Critical AI Capabilities – The AI pilot project establishes best-practices around teams, data, and data infrastructure to make future AI initiatives easier.
  • Strategic Advantage – Set your firm up to acquire the data streams and data insights needed to win market share and competitive advantage in the future.
What's included?
The AI pilot project is a package of professional services and infrastructure designed to succeed with taking a use case to a pilot solution in production. The objective is to have a fully deployed AI product based on a high value use case in your organisation in 1-3 month depending on scope.

Services include:
  • An initial workshop for identifying AI pilot use case candidates and a detailed project scoping session. Learn more about discovering AI opportunities and our AI canvas here.
  • AI coach/project management throughout the project to help you develop your project plan quicker and for identifying proper resources, analyzing risks, managing stakeholders, documenting plans, and managing expectations.
  • Machine learning engineer handpicked for the specific use case and organisation.
  • Turn-key full stack data science platform, and a single application for the entire machine learning lifecycle, deployed and managed in a cloud of your choosing. Learn more about our full stack data science platform here.
  • Data Science as-a-service with a direct line to Scaleout data science & engineering support team throughout the project. Learn more here.

Customer provided:
  • Product/use-case/data owner
  • Domain expert
  • For long term ownership and continuous development of the developed solution: At least 0.5 FTE technical / software engineer
The advantage of our approach
Successful adoption of powerful data-driven AI technologies does not start with a massive transformation of the core organisation or in large project silos. Rather, it's done by adopting one use case at a time, harvest real value from each use case and incrementally build out the knowledge and skills needed to move AI into other business areas by learning to work in an agile process across different roles and teams in the organisation.

Key advantages:
  • Enables an agile/lean approach to AI projects, built with the aim to help cross-functional and full-stack teams deliver production solutions rapidly.
  • Machine learning framework agnostic. Supports most machine learning frameworks out of the box and with open APIs support extension for additional frameworks.
  • Continuous analytics. Support for automating pipelines from data ingestion to model deployment and monitoring.
  • Workflow orchestration. Automate your workflows to handle tasks such as grid searches or active learning pipelines.
  • Simple deployment. Run anywhere you can run Kubernetes, hosted on-prem, in the cloud or on your laptop.

All projects aims to transfer knowledge critical for a holistic end-to-end view of the full stack data science process. And after the project Scaleout offer professional services to help you continue developing confidence and fluency with the most powerful technology tools.
The AI pilot – Who it's for?
The AI Pilot Service is a fit for:
  • Organizations who might not have the budget to develop a company-wide AI business strategy, but would like to get started with AI
  • Organizations looking to find the AI initiative most likely to deliver a strong return on investment
  • Organizations who need to use limited AI talent and budget and who would like to build AI capabilities in a valuable and productive way
  • Organizations in need of developing workflows for continuous delivery and serving of models
  • Organizations scaling up AI capabilities and are in need of moving to an open full stack data science platform, and a single application for the entire machine learning lifecycle
Let us know if you have questions about AI pilot or want to explore AI opportunities in your organisation.
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