Lean AI stack
Our solution covers all stages from data ingestion and transformation, feature extraction, model definition, training and evaluation, to deployment, inference and monitoring.
We provide an open source turnkey solution for getting started through the
Lean AI Stack and enterprise-grade solutions through our Scaleout Platform.

Built with industry-leading and widely adopted community driven open source components. All our solutions have the following features and capabilities.
Key Features
Machine learning framework agnostic
Supports most machine learning frameworks out of the box and with open APIs support extension for additional frameworks.
Continuous analytics
Support for automating pipelines from data ingestion to model deployment and monitoring.
Workflow orchestration
Automate your workflows to handle tasks such as grid searches or active learning pipelines.
Simple deployment
Run anywhere you can run Kubernetes, hosted on-prem, in the cloud or on your laptop.
Scaleout Studio
Our studio solution consists of a complete data scientist workspace including tools for ingestion, experimentation, training, validation and visualization.
Scaleout Store
Our store solution covers lifecycle management of models with versioning, annotations, storage and distribution. Our out of the box solution packages models and metadata in containers for easy distribution and scaling.
Scaleout Serve
Our model serving solution utilizes best of breed solutions for serving models for different needs. We can deploy models on for example serverless infrastructure or container orchestration platforms such as Kubernetes. Through such solutions we provide scaling, load balancing and enable customizable and versatile model serving solutions for production.
The Lean AI Stack enables individuals and organisations to quickly get started with machine learning and AI practices through our open source end to end solution.
Open source
Our solution is open source and is building on top of the best available open source tools and components, with no lock-in effects or hidden agendas.
Turnkey ready
Deploy the stack anywhere you can run Kubernetes. Get started on your laptop or workstation with Minikube or minik8s or run full-scale production systems on Kubernetes or OpenShift.
Machine learning framework agnostic
Our platform supports model development in any of the machine learning frameworks that have Python or R bindings. For additional frameworks we have API's for easy extension or why not contribute to the Lean AI Stack project?
Provided examples
Out of the box we provide examples for quickly getting started.
Our flexible and open source solution can easily be customized to integrate existing bespoke tools or 3rd party tool or service providers for maximum extendability.
Scaleout Platform
The Scaleout Platform builds on top our stellar Lean AI Stack and offers additional features for organizations and enterprises which require additional features and control.
Enterprise-grade security
Security layer for protecting data in transit with TLS and data at rest with AES encryption. PKI infrastructure integration with the option to use custom IDP provider.
Multi-user and project support
Multi-user/project authentication and authorization. Security audit trails and user/role privilege control and separation.
Endpoint registry
A visual catalogue of models and production deployed endpoints for easier application owner control.
Pipeline visualization
Run anywhere you can run Kubernetes, hosted on-prem, in the cloud or on your laptop.
Deployment monitoring and visualizations
Monitoring and visualizations of service consumption with service monitoring and statistics.
Model Services
Further "batteries included" features such as automatically validating your models for bias and battle hardening against common model attack patterns.
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