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This workshop aims to help you discover opportunities for using AI based on advanced machine learning.

A common mistake organisations make when starting their AI journey is to aim for disrupting existing business rather than finding opportunities for using AI to improve the efficiency of existing processes.
In this full-day workshop, our senior business developers, product developers and scientists work with you, following a structured format, to identify the best opportunities for small AI pilot projects to build momentum in your organization and your teams.

The result is a "Lean AI canvas"-sheet that can form the basis to develop the first version of a scope and project plan for an AI-pilot.
In the workshop we work together to answer the following questions:

  • Can better decisions be made?
  • Where are your organization or department most inefficient?
  • Where does your organization or department have a lot of relevant data?
  • What business outcome do you want to achieve?
  • Will this actually solve your problem?

Then we proceed to identify top candidates for an AI pilot by verifying the properties:

  • You have a well-defined problem to solve
  • You have clear ways to measure the outcomes
  • You've balanced the highest possible impact against the lowest complexity
  • You have access to good data
  • You know that stakeholders can act on the results
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