Scaleout Platform
Our platform enables machine learning without moving, pooling or disclosing data, and it will enable commercial machine learning alliances where data owners can build strong machine learning models together. The new distributed and secure architecture solves the data isolation and data privacy challenges in AI.
Challenges in AI
Information has become the world's most valuable resource, and now AI and machine learning is becoming the dominant way to extract value out of the data.
However, AI faces two major challenges.

  • One is that in most industries data exists in isolation, private and sensitive data, regulated data practically isolated data is hard to pool to common data stores.
  • The other main challenge is an increased need for data security and data privacy as data is increasingly targeted by adversaries and used to extract unwanted information.
Enterprise Federated Machine Learning
Scaleout Platform enables federated machine learning across heterogeneous data sets in enterprises.
Enable machine learning on:
  • Private/Proprietary data
  • Regulated data - GDPR, HIPAA, etc
  • Practical blockers - data silos, too big data, expensive, slow or unreliable data connection
A major challenge in machine learning is that in many industries a lot of data exists in isolation, which makes building machine learning systems that capture the value from this data increasingly hard.
At the same time many industries all face a common challenge to balance the need of continuously learning systems to use sensitive, private data with the integrity of those interacting with the technology.
Collaborative Machine Learning
A platform enabling powerful ML alliances.
Main benefits:
  • Privacy preserving machine learning
  • Management of alliances
  • Governance
Learn more here.
With federated learning, data and machine learning models are separated. This will allow enterprises to contribute to machine learning models without disclosing or giving up ownership of their data.
The Scaleout Platform is designed to manage and govern powerful collaborative machine learning alliances, even among competitors.
AI To Production
Scaleout Platform is a full stack data science platform for the entire machine learning lifecycle.
Main benefits:
  • End-to-end ML pipeline
  • Scalable
  • No lock-in
  • Flexible

Scaleout platform provides a highly flexible, cloud-native open toolkit for full-stack data science projects and is built to take machine learning to production at any scale.

The platform integrates leading open source components.
It covers all stages from data ingestion and transformation, feature extraction, model definition, training, and evaluation, to deployment, inference and monitoring with infrastructure automation on top of Kubernetes. More about the foundation of the Scaleout Platform here.
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