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Scaleout Lean AI Pilot
The Lean AI pilot is a service designed specifically to help organisations succeed with their very first AI project using the Lean AI framework.
Daniel Zakrisson, Scaleout
Federated Machine Learning for Collaborative and Secure AI
Data Innovation Summit 2019
Data ownership is a competitive advantage and a very valuable resource. In the coming years, the AI front runners will capture most of the value unlocked by powerful machine learning models. Many machine learning projects, however, fail because not enough data is available.

In this talk, Daniel will show that collaborating on machine learning models is rational, even among competitors in an environment where data security and regulations are getting more and more important. One solution is federated machine learning that lets companies collaborate by distributing model training instead of sharing data with each other.
The Lean AI framework
A structured and easy-to-follow process for taking AI to production with the goal of delivering business value quickly and efficiently.
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Lean AI stack
Our solution covers all stages from data ingestion and transformation, feature extraction, model definition, training and evaluation, to deployment, inference and monitoring.
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Advanced data science & engineering support
To help teams succeed with AI projects based on advanced machine learning, we provide a support concept that combines expert advisory with the possibility to get hands-on help from data scientists and data engineers.
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