Data Science As A Service
To help teams succeed with AI projects based on advanced machine learning, we provide a support concept that combines expert advisory with the possibility to get hands-on help from data scientists and data engineers. The service is not tied to any particular platform, our experts will help with anything that falls within our core areas of expertise.
Typical things that you can get help with.
  • Selection of machine learning methods
  • Advice on data preprocessing, feature engineering, dimension reduction etc.
  • Continuous analytics
  • Scientific data management
  • Architecture of highly scalable workflows and pipelines for batch and streaming data
  • Cloud strategy, vendor-and technology assessment
  • Feedback on project plans
  • Code reviews, troubleshooting
  • Infrastructure automation, configuration management, DevOps
  • Microservices, Kubernetes
And The Lean AI full stack data science platform as described Lean AI professional services.