Lean AI program
The Scaleout Lean AI program is designed to accelerate the adoption of AI by empowering the teams that take use cases to production services.

It addresses the challenge of putting and keeping AI in production at its core by providing teams with knowledge, tools and support needed to repeatedly succeed with AI projects.
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Program overview
The Lean AI program then proceeds in three main phases to develop a machine learning case to production readiness.
Startup and technical alignment
  • Introduction to the case to be solved.
  • Through three core Training Bolts, we establish a team-wide understanding of concept and technology central to putting ML in production.
  • Introduction to the Lean AI stack.
Project work taking a use-case from data to a production service
  • The solution to the case is developed throughout the program.
  • The program progresses from initial focus on alignment to full focus on the project the second half of the program.
Concluding half-day workshop
  • The team presents the project to the organization.
  • Focused discussions on how to leverage the experiences gained in the organization, identify new opportunities and next steps.
Download the full course descripton.
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The Lean AI program
The Lean AI program is a team-based training that forms cross-functional agile teams with the knowledge needed to repeatedly take AI use-cases from idea to production.