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Per user and month
€ 0
  • Helping developers build, deploy, and run their ML models.
  • Community Support
  • ML Studio
    (limited to 1 project)
  • ML Pipelines (limited scaling)
  • ML model management
  • Deploy Pipelines (standard CI/CD)
  • Data Mangement (limited)
  • Model Serving
Per user and month (billed annually)
€ 3000
  • Enabling businesses to scale AI delivery with progressive deployment, advanced configuration, and consistent standards while managing priorities, security, and risk.
  • Priority Support
  • ML Studio
  • ML Pipelines
  • ML model management
  • Deploy Pipelines
  • Data Mangement
  • Model Serving
  • Cluster Monitoring
  • Application performance alerts
  • Security Dashboards
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